Saturday, November 5, 2011

Pursuing a Hobby

Got this article from I am reposting it here to remind me to delve into baking and pursue it as a hobby and eventually make it as an additional source of income.

7 Advantages of Attending Cake Decorating Classes

1. Develop your cake decorating skills.
Unless you are naturally gifted with the ability to decorate cakes, your only two sources of skill in this aspect are cookbooks and cake decorating classes. And while you can learn the basics of baking cakes from a cookbook, decorating cakes is not that easy to learn. Cake decorating requires special skill that requires hands-on demonstration by an instructor and actual hands-on practice too. This is where these classes come in.

2. Learn more decorating tips and techniques.
Even if you’ve mastered the basics of cake decorating, you can still benefit from cake decorating classes. Through classes, you will pick up special tips and learn new techniques you haven’t tried. You can also venture into areas of specialty that you have not yet explored. For example, if you are already a whiz at decorating birthday cakes, a wedding cake decorating class will help you hone your skills at decorating wedding cakes, which are definitely more intricate. You can also get more special techniques, such as 3D sculpturing, fondant cake decors, air brush painting, string work methods, gum paste art, and so on.

3. Turn your hobby into a profitable venture.
There are cake decorating classes that can teach you how to make money out of your love for baking and cake decorating. These courses can teach you how to develop a business plan, identify your market, and develop special skills that will give you an extra flair. You can also build a network that you can take advantage of through your instructors and your classmates. And you can also use the projects that you do in class as your personal portfolio.

4. Provide feedback and encouragement as you learn.
While learning how to decorate cakes, an honest instructor or an encouraging classmate can both give valuable contributions to your learning process. It helps to have an instructor point out the things you can do better so you can improve yourself.

5. Get your creative juices flowing.
Being surrounded by cake decorating instructors and enthusiasts will surely get your creativity going. This will inspire you to come up with more ideas for cake decorations. You can even swap ideas with your classmates as you learn from one another.

6. Connect with people who share your interest.
Being interested in something that your family and friends are not able to share in can be quite frustrating. What about those times when you’d like to share an achievement or to gush over a new decorating style you’ve come up with? Having friends who also decorate cakes will surely come in handy in those situations.

7. Online cake decorating classes allow you to delve into your passion from home.
There are also many online cake decorating classes these days. Although hands-on training is highly preferred, an online class is a good place to start.If You enjoyed this post, you might like:

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Vote Puerto Princesa Underground River in the New 7 Wonders of Nature

See for yourself why you should vote for Puerto Princesa Underground River.