Monday, March 16, 2009

Whiz and Zoom

I am not much of a risk taker...especially if it requires much physical exertion.
Do you know that I haven't learned to bike without the trainer wheels? :)
Do you know that at my age, I have just tried riding a go-kart a month ago?
I have so much time in my hands at the moment, so I am writing more blogs these days, and one of which is my experience in go-karting.

My dear friend, Jason Ylescupidez, has this passion for car racing, ever since he was a little boy...and now that he has reached the adult age, he decided that the closest way that he can experience that is through go-karting.

So after much convincing, I went with them to the City Karting track in Shah Alam.
The first time I saw the place, honestly I felt overcome with fear. The track is wide and all the participants are able and to whiz in a flash..I can hear their engines zoom and speed up. In fact, when I slept that night, that engine sound still echoes in my mind, and I can still smell the engine's gasoline.

My mind is racing: I don't like to be injured, what if the other driver will zoom behind me (because I'm driving so slow) and accidentally hit my kart, and I will topple down. I don't like to look funny, I need to focus my mind on the pedals, which one is for speed and which one is for brake. I have to be alert in pulling the steering wheel when passing the apex.

Luckily, I didn't have any injury that day, the only thing that I did is hit the grass four times!!! Yes, four times and the crew has to rescue me because somehow I have trouble starting up the engine again!!! Other than that, I am able to get acquainted with my kart and enjoy the feel of the wind on my face, and some pebbles flying by as I gather speed and momentum. It was an exhilirating experience for me!

Hope to be back on the karting track with my friends soon!

Here is a helpful site for karting newbies:

We didn't bring a video cam, all we have are pictures taken before we sped off.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Work In Progress

Rush hour, and you are driving your car, and you came across a sign in the middle of the road that says 'work in progress'. What is your reaction? Will you get irritated, that the construction company doesn't have the sensibility to have their diggings done after rush hour or completed before the rush hour so as not to cause a traffic jam?

Well, now I have a work in progress, but it is not causing any disturbance nor any irritation, but pure challenge! Me and five of my SQC group friends has started constructing our own website that will be our face in the cyberspace - This will post our activities, our annoucements, and the latest in the SQC product. Much more, we hope to offer there, free weekly demonstrations of the best online video seminars that is packaged in the Skyquestcom (SQC) subscription.

Congratulate us in this endeavor, our goal is to be able to pass around the positive principles learned from the SQC online video seminars and to provide a smarter way of learning.

You are all welcome to e-mail us at your suggestions, feedback, comments and even snide remarks!

We give all the glory to God!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Home Is Where the Heart Is

Being an OFW since 2003, I can say that I am never running out of 'things to buy' or 'places to visit' list, in anticipation of the next pay day. But having been away from home, and having spent years away from home, so one might say, that I have a hefty amount of savings already. Then seing the YTD EARNINGS columnn in my payslip, I'd exclaim, "where did all this money go?!?".

So it is for that matter, that I started checking on my spendings, and shifted my thoughts on how to save, where to invest some of my money and how to find a passive income.

The first one that I thought of (although some people who are financially savvy will argue with me that it is not a good move) is to buy a property in the Philippines.

I bought my parents a nice house and lot in Antipolo.

They say that positive thoughts attract opportunities...and there they are...I met a few people that I have asked help from, a few more that became my inspiration to risk and get out of my comfort zone.

I found a good place in Antipolo which is just right for my parents. A place close to nature and just accessible to what they need.

So for my fellow OFWs, who are interested to see a tangible evidence of their hard-earned cash, visit

Crown Asia have various housing projects in various locations, according to your lifestyle in the payment scheme that suits you. Their marketing agents are very accomodating and helpful.
You can start by viewing a location first, who knows, if for now you are not decided yet, the visit might spark you to buy soonest (which is exactly what happened to me!).

If you want you can e-mail me your questions at I can also introduce you to my trusted agents.

God bless our new endeavors for this year!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Skyquest Seminar

As most of my friends know, last year me and five of my colleagues, embarked on an
e-learning venture, by endorsing SKYQUESTCOM!

There's no other way to start the year than to take a look at how we view ourselves and our potential. So we taught of widening our reach by conducting our first FREE seminar this 2009.

Online Seminar by Joseph McClendon III

WHEN : Saturday, January 10, 2009 from 2:00 to 3:00PM

Anthony Robbins Research's Mastery University head trainer Joseph McClendon III will teach you how to build self-esteem to achieve the goals you want. Learn how to develop powerful thoughts that release your negative emotions that are preventing you from getting the success you deserve. This inspiring seminar is the perfect opportunity to learn how take control of your life!

Please do SMS your name at 014 3338776 to reserve your seat for the seminar and get a free seminar audio CD.

See you all there!