Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Work In Progress

Rush hour, and you are driving your car, and you came across a sign in the middle of the road that says 'work in progress'. What is your reaction? Will you get irritated, that the construction company doesn't have the sensibility to have their diggings done after rush hour or completed before the rush hour so as not to cause a traffic jam?

Well, now I have a work in progress, but it is not causing any disturbance nor any irritation, but pure challenge! Me and five of my SQC group friends has started constructing our own website that will be our face in the cyberspace - This will post our activities, our annoucements, and the latest in the SQC product. Much more, we hope to offer there, free weekly demonstrations of the best online video seminars that is packaged in the Skyquestcom (SQC) subscription.

Congratulate us in this endeavor, our goal is to be able to pass around the positive principles learned from the SQC online video seminars and to provide a smarter way of learning.

You are all welcome to e-mail us at your suggestions, feedback, comments and even snide remarks!

We give all the glory to God!

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