Monday, March 16, 2009

Whiz and Zoom

I am not much of a risk taker...especially if it requires much physical exertion.
Do you know that I haven't learned to bike without the trainer wheels? :)
Do you know that at my age, I have just tried riding a go-kart a month ago?
I have so much time in my hands at the moment, so I am writing more blogs these days, and one of which is my experience in go-karting.

My dear friend, Jason Ylescupidez, has this passion for car racing, ever since he was a little boy...and now that he has reached the adult age, he decided that the closest way that he can experience that is through go-karting.

So after much convincing, I went with them to the City Karting track in Shah Alam.
The first time I saw the place, honestly I felt overcome with fear. The track is wide and all the participants are able and to whiz in a flash..I can hear their engines zoom and speed up. In fact, when I slept that night, that engine sound still echoes in my mind, and I can still smell the engine's gasoline.

My mind is racing: I don't like to be injured, what if the other driver will zoom behind me (because I'm driving so slow) and accidentally hit my kart, and I will topple down. I don't like to look funny, I need to focus my mind on the pedals, which one is for speed and which one is for brake. I have to be alert in pulling the steering wheel when passing the apex.

Luckily, I didn't have any injury that day, the only thing that I did is hit the grass four times!!! Yes, four times and the crew has to rescue me because somehow I have trouble starting up the engine again!!! Other than that, I am able to get acquainted with my kart and enjoy the feel of the wind on my face, and some pebbles flying by as I gather speed and momentum. It was an exhilirating experience for me!

Hope to be back on the karting track with my friends soon!

Here is a helpful site for karting newbies:

We didn't bring a video cam, all we have are pictures taken before we sped off.

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